What is Virtual Office Space?

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Virtual office space

When it comes to choosing a office space for new businesses or entrepreneurs, have many options. Not only a traditional office but also you can choose relatively new ones. Nowadays, a work shifts to a home where the office is not under use but you are paying for it, as it is a worthless. When it comes to business, a small savings makes you a benefits and when it points to benefit, virtual office space is one in business, which as many benefits.

A virtual office space is a flexible workspace where a office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff with business-related activities at a very reasonable price and it is also known as Plug and play office.

What does Virtual office do?

As I mentioned above there are so many benefits by using virtual office space. Here are the some of the basic services, please note, different vendors may have other offerings separate from what I mentioned below – the offering mentioned are representative of the basic services provided:

Onsite Receptionist – A dedicated professional will be provided to execute various tasks and operations assigned by the respective clients. If an organization chooses to, this assistant can act as representative in meetings on behalf of the company.

Mail processing & address – They provide a PO box number where a business organization can accept, send and forward mail to.

Meeting room –  It can be rented at short notice for varying periods. Provide you a space to make a meetings as like in actual office with the team members or with your clients.

Day Pass – Use your credits to book a day pass in any location across India. You can book a meeting room for a day by paying day pass but you need to book before. And you register for a year.

Phone Answering services – An executive will be appointed to receive calls on behalf of the organization availing the services.

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What are the benefits of Virtual Office ?

There are so many benefits of having virtual office for a new business or as entrepreneurs as I mentioned above. Here the some of list of advantages of virtual office spaces:

  • The monthly cost of a virtual office is far less than that of a traditional office. It has none of the maintenance and upkeep costs, nor does it need to be staffed.
  •  It can also be secured via a month-to-month lease, so there is greater flexibility if you need to change the location of the office.
  • The cost is depends on the service you added on if you add more services you will cost more, which is totally worth.
  • As I mentioned what does the Virtual office do, you could get all these services like mail processing, company address, meeting rooms, video conference, phone answering services and the service is cost worthy. Therefore, a small business can appear larger than it is.
  • With office space largely irrelevant in a virtual workspace, you don’t have to pay rent and the associated costs that come with an office, e.g., security and maintenance. You can also scale up your team when needed without spending that much.

Here are the some limitations of Virtual Office:

  • Some of the services that a virtual office arrangement offers require pre-planning to utilize.
  • many packages come with limited use of conference rooms or limited teleconferencing and videoconferencing services. Virtual offices also may have restricted access on nights and weekends.


Modern businesses have a variety of available options when it comes to organizing a workplace. Traditional brick-and-mortar offices are often too expensive and may not satisfy the specific needs of entrepreneurs and startups. Virtual Office space are the most beneficial category for the startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Virtual offices are a completely virtual but the most flexible solution. While choosing the office choose  choice only based on the needs of your business or the specifics of your profession.