Is it good to buy Independent house or apartment in Bangalore?

independent house v/s apartment

As I mentioned in all blogs, buying any kind of property will worth in Bangalore. As Bangalore becoming metropolian city, had high demand for real estate market in the city has more option with apartments compare to individual houses or sites. I know as a individuals or buyers you are in worried about buying independent houses, Is it good to invest or not in independent house or apartment? It depends on some queries, if you got answer for it you will get to know which one suits for you…

  • What is my budget?
  • Am I looking for a calm and quiet location or are you looking to settle in the heart of the city?
  • Do I want to move in very soon or would I prefer waiting for a few more years?
  • Safety or privacy- which would be a primary concern?

Buying apartment or independent house both have their own way to fulfill the conditions in one or the other way. Here are the some pros and corns to know before buying apartment or independent house


As of now in Bangalore,  we have seen that the available open spaces are getting depleted by builders and their projects. There are more and more people moving into the city and there is an ever-increasing demand for homes. If you want to settle in a locality i.e heart of the city which is near to your work place with children school then it would be more difficult to buy plot and to construct house to stay is high risky task. Instead, there are large number of options for apartment to buy or for rentals. Once you settle down in the area first and got to know about the surrounding localities then you can choose which one will best for you with all the aspects.

Price & cost

I think you would have idea about cost difference between apartment and individual house. Compare to independent house apartment are low cost in price. High-rise apartments are more reasonably priced, given that a builder can construct more houses on the land and can achieve scale. An independent house is an expensive proposition because of the low density of housing units and will get your own plot and own design.

Privacy vs Safety

When compare to apartment, in individual house you could get more privacy. In apartment, common areas would be accessible to all the residents like lobby, lift area, coridor.That’s not to say that apartments are lack of privacy.  Most apartments today also come with surveillance cameras, 24/ 7 manned security guards and monitored visitor management system. This is to ensure that the absolute safety of the residents is assured at all costs. And living in community means you can get a help from neighbors for safety in apartments. This means apartments are more safety than independent house.

Maintenance cost

Maintanance will different from apartment to independent house. Maintenance is cheap for apartment and no need to handle buy the residents. There will be a maintenance staf to handle it and it will share with all residents, so this will be cheap than a house. It will be handled buy the house owner and have pay for it by its own for independent house.

Social Lifestyle

It is good to stay in apartment to to have a better social lifestyle. Community gatherings, celebrations of festivals, and parties at the clubhouse or garden area in an apartment bring people together and inspire living in harmony. and it doesnot mean it cannot be good at individual house, although independent housing neighbourhoods also bring in a sense of close community.


If you own a villa or build a house in a gated community, then you would be able to access the amenities. But in most cases, this is missing with individual houses. Apartment owners, on the other hand, would be able to access the very best amenities within the premises. This helps to be relax and spent time with family in there living space in the busy lifestyle. This is one of the main reason for peoples to choose apartment over indepndent house.

So, which is the best to buy independent house or apartment?

Both have their its own benifts

  • If you want to buy resale property go for independent house in good location with that you can make alter as you required in your home and get your own land in the locality. On the other hand, apartment would have an appreciation value based on the development of the locality but then there would be no land value attached.
  • Plot owners get delayed tax benefits but apartment owners can immediately avail them, especially for their first home.
  • Home owners association in the apartment make it easy to get any type of work done in an apartment. This includes the likes of plumbing, electrical fittings and so on. But in the individual house an individual would have to run and get things done yourself.
  • It will take time for getting the grants and permits all by yourself when you build the house and also bit longer for registration process. But where buying an apartment from a trusted builder who can get it all done quite quickly.


Now a days buying a good house or built it is the dream for every person, where their they can spend time with family happily. If we talk about location preference for a house, we see many different opinions among the people between village and town/city. It is much more difficult to find a house in the town than in the villages. I advise you to take help from Hebbar Heaven Realtors for searching affordable properties to buy in any part of Bangalore.