Ideal Home size for family

Yes, are you looking for ideal home size for your family, as for this, there may be no relevant answer because everyone’s requirement is different from others as like some required bigger living area, some required bigger kitchen, some required balcony, some required bigger rooms, some wants duplex house and so on there are so many differences in the vision of buying home of Ideal size.

So there are many points to note before deciding the ideal home size for your family. Here are some point that helps you to get some knowledge about home size or else if required you can Contact Us, we will help you and guide you to get as of your requirement of Ideal home size for your family in Bangalore.

Generally house, plot or apartment land area is measured by Square feet and it depends on land area, if it is a more than 43000sqft land, the area will measured by acres.

The things that depends the ideal size before buying your Ideal home square feet are :

  • Get to know about your family size like is yours a nuclear family or joint family or staying with parents.
  • Clear about rooms required might be 2,3 or 4bhk, as it depends on family size.
  • Is it necessary of having guest room or of children’s room or separate office room, its highly necessary if you have work from home.
  • Tour some houses in your area, will give you the better idea for your requirement, all houses are of different plan which have bigger rooms, smaller kitchen, small living area, less attached bathroom.
  • Getting the ideal size of home is not only a target, with that home should be in a proper design like of having vaastu, if you are looking for vaastu house or rooms with privacy. Check it out this.
  • Check with the requirement of balcony, home is the place where you feel the piece and having balcony is a good thought.
  • As with this have the clear idea of your budget.

As of all this mentioned above the size of the home may not be predictable or will matches to everyone’s requirement because requirements of each one is different from others. in general, it can be measurable by the family members and the purpose of buying the property, it may be for self use or for investment or for family members etc.

It will also measured by your budget, but may not a ideal size of home for example, if you are of family 3 members but you can afford to buy a home so that 6 members can stay and can buy a bigger home, it may not ideal size.

In determining the ideal house size and layout to raise children, I’d like to operate under the confines of a middle class household.

Owning a house equal to +/- 25% 2,422 square feet, the median size house as of 2021 gives you a typical middle class house size.

Since we don’t want to go outside the confines of the middle class, the ideal house size is therefore between 1,816 – 3,027 square feet. You can certainly go smaller, but there are some considerations that may crimp your lifestyle.


Home is the place where we get a peace of mind, place to spend a time with a family, fill it with a joy. Make sure that the property you are investing for is worth of selling it in future and more often the people will look into the houses which are more ideal in size, plan, vaastu, location and home privacy. So these are thinks before buying a property in any location.