Basic Qualities of best Villas

You may did a many research of many villas in your surroundings or where ever you want to buy but you may confused about  all the features of villa as they all look similar and the facilities could be the same but how you will get to know which is the best villa with a best quality for you?

villa is a type of house that was originally an ancient Roman upper class country house, it is a one-level structure, often with an exterior patio and front garden or terrace and now the villas are common society in everywhere mainly in  Metropolitan cities.

As I am the real estate agent in Bangalore, we the team Hebbar Heaven Realtors, have research that mainly the villas in Bangalore are located outside of the Bangalore like Kanakapura Road, Yelahanka, whitefield, Tumkur Road, Mysore road as these areas are located little bit out of the Central Bangalore like, they are all developing areas in the city. As a buyer, this makes a bit of confusion to decide which the best villa for buy in Bangalore is? Quality does not depends only on the materials used for the construction of the building or specification of the building it also depends on design of the building, location, features of the house.

What are the basic qualities of a best villa?


Everyone has a dream to have a good or attractive structure or design of their own home, it could be an outer look of a home or an interior look. Check with, the villa should be with a good elevation, a good interior look and spacious at inside and outside the home. It should have good lighting’s at night and as well as the sunlight in the morning, that could be best and feels homely and healthy environment. It does not apply only for villas, whatever the property  you want to  buy; it should get sunlight in the morning that actually feels good and healthy environment in the home and family. And the overall design that in terms of architecture, landscaping, interior design, furnishing etc all of these forces combine to create the overall atmosphere experience the staying in a best villa.

Quality Materials

Whatever the property, the building must construct with good materials because someone invests his/her lifetime’s savings to buy it. Quality materials make the people to stay long term in the society and that gives the good name for the builder. Yes, using a good quality building materials makes the builder name popular because of its good quality, so the property can be easily sold out. So most of the reputed developers or builders use the good quality materials. If you buy a under construction villa or apartment, you can make a visit for 15 days or for a weekly once to site and check the quality of material they are using in the society.

Amenities and features

Amenities are the facilities provide by the society that all the residents can make use of it. All the gated community as the amenities that makes the buyer or a client’s more attractive. Amenities like swimming pool, gym, jogging track, yoga desk or room, cinema room – for a family time and entertainment, games room, outdoor and indoor games facilities, Jacuzzis, onsite spa facilities, kids area. Now-a-days all the villa and apartment society have the facility of amenities with all the features. Having all these features in society will make you to connect with your neighbor and you could make own time with your family, always you no need to take them out, you can make time for your family in your villa or home or in your society.

Maintenance Staff services

All the society has a maintenance staff; actually it is compulsory and necessary. After the completion of construction and once the resident starts living in the society, the maintenance services will begins. Maintenance service is most necessary thing in the society; this will helps to maintain the community in good way and makes the society looks new. The maintenance staff will maintain all the bills like current bills, water supply availability, and security and facilities like amenities and specifications in good manner. Staff will provide by land owner or there are many companies, they will handover to those companies to maintain the community.


 As I already mentioned above, the location is the primary quality or necessary thing to consider, when you are planning to buy any type of property like villa, apartment, independent house or site or commercial property it may be any kind of. If you get the entire above quality villa but if it is not in a proper location that could not be best one. Most of the villa communities are out of the city like extending areas. You have to check about the upcoming developments in the area like IT hubs, Metro construction if it is a Metropolitan city, school college, hospital and the junction between one area to other area, everything matters  and choose the big land villa community so that the outer violence should not disturb you and your family.


 Buy your home, which makes you and your family a healthy environment and with all the facilities you required. As you gone through this article, I think you got a some basic things required for quality villas and a good quality villa as all the facilities that I have mentioned above. While buying not only go with the cost vise, once you invest in any property, it should be worth of it. Check out all the property in your area and make sure that you are buying the best out of it.